Project Job recently hosted a virtual Meet & Greet recently with Mr. Lesly St. Louis, Inclusion Specialist at Northwell Health for candidates with disabilities in the New York City area. We are grateful to Mr. St. Louis for his excellent and engaging presentation on current opportunities at Northwell Health, and job search tips.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Maintain a professional email address
  • Spell check, grammar check, proof read resume, cover letters, and all correspondences. You may want to ask someone to look it over.
  • Resumes should be clear and concise; quantify your accomplishments and articulate impact on the department and organization
  • List hard skills (i.e Microsoft office, foreign language, programming software,etc…)
  • Soft skills are expectations, embed them into your accomplishments to articulate impact
  • Objectives or summary should speak to the job description
  • For virtual interviews – confirm your IT connection, camera, audio, are in working order; sharpen your virtual interview skills, as they have become increasingly necessary and popular
  • Arrive 15-20 minutes before an in-person interview; for virtual interviews,10 minutes.
  • Maintain eye contact, be mindful of body language, sit up straight, avoid hands and gesticulating in the picture
  • During virtual interviews have a professional background
  • Research organization and have at least 5 questions to ask
  • In expressing your interest for the job, speak to the job, cite personal interest, and then the organization
  • Last but not least, always send the interviewer a thank you email within 24 hours!!!  Not sending one is a deal breaker.

Our eternal thanks to Northwell Health and to all healthcare workers for their hard work and dedication during these times.

Best, Mariko