As many states start to reopen and others contemplate the timing of their reopening, we’re left to wonder how the workplace and our personal habits will be forever changed. Whether one agrees with the reopening or not, changes to the way we seek work and get work done are inevitable.  Same old same old is gonzo.

What will the new normal look like?  Will we have staggered shifts as we take turns working remotely or commuting to work wearing masks, gloves with disinfectant wipes in tow. Whatever the transformation may be, the ability to present ourselves virtually and address preceptions virtually will be key. Virtual meetings, presentations, and interviews are here to stay and will become increasingly valued.

Change is hard. It requires us to confront ourselves, reevaluate our own capacity, retool and pivot.  Often we realize our perceptions of ourselves are not what we actually see, and the truth hurts, it stings. The sure thing is no longer, and venturing into the unknown is scary and causes anxiety. History shows we’ve made remarkable changes after major crisis. The way we travel, the paradigm of work and financial regulations, how we view and care for our environment are just a few examples of changes made within the past 20 years.  Though some may debate their efficacies, most would agree on their intentions – to provide safety and to preserve quality of life.

NYS Governor Cuomo announced subways will shutdown from 1am-5am starting May 6 to disinfect each and every NYC subway car on daily basis. Yes the hardy and early morning commuters will be inconvenienced, but wow perhaps the homeless will finally get the attention and care they desperately need. The city that never sleeps may finally get the rest it needs to rejuvenate.  Change is hard, change is good and change can be productive if we embrace it.

Best,  Mariko

P.S. Project Job Zooms presents: The Art of Virtual Interviewing is coming soon, so please stay tuned!