Last week was packed with Zoom sessions, Google Hangouts, FaceTime Videochats, and other meetings using all of the hi tech’s latest and greatest apps. There was one common underlying theme to each and every virtual meeting and phone call last week.  With life relegated to Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services, many reported feeling lonely, isolated, bored, and less engaged.

The Museum Arts Culture Access Consortium has compiled a wonderful trove of resources available for all to tap into. features links to over 30 New York Citywide museums and cultural organizations’ websites, as well as links to virtual tours, podcasts, online courses, learning and teaching resources for parents and students, and many more.  Simply said there’s something here for everyone.  My personal favorite is the Smithsonian Learning Lab. I really enjoyed watching the video of Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-135 Astronauts (including one female astronaut) talk about their mission that took place in July 2011.

Next time you’re bored or know of someone who is, why not visit There’s alot here to keep you busy, plus it’s fun, and you’ll learn a lot!

Best, Mariko