I just finished reading What Happened, Hillary Clinton’s book about her 2016 Presidential bid and loss.  Two sentences on page 398 stuck in my mind. “When people are angry and looking for someone to blame, they don’t want to hear your ten-point plan to create jobs and raise wages. They want you to be angry, too.” Those 2 sentences got me thinking. Got me thinking because we all want validation. 

We are bored. Bored of the lockdown, self-quarantine, the news. Bored of back-to-back virtual this and a that. Even virtual cocktails and happy hours get old after awhile.

We are anxious. Anxious of listening to Coronavirus Breaking News 24-7 and ambulances screeching all the time flying up and down the streets. None of us like being told of a virus for which there isn’t a test, therapy or vaccine. None of us like being locked up indoors, and having our freedoms curtailed. I hate it too! 

OK I got it out, posted it, and desperately want to move on.  Let me know when you’re ready, the more the merrier. Stay safe and healthy!

Best, Mariko